The importance of organic SEO

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Susan Margret Correya Senior Technical Writer

Organic SEO is what websites need to rank high in the unpaid, algorithm-driven search engine results. 

How do businesses drive effective organic SEO activities? 

By focusing on SEO activities on websites that search engines would value. 

Organic results are those listings of a search result that search engines consider as the most relevant answers to a searcher’s query. 

Research has it that of all links clicked on after a search is made, a whopping 70% clicks are made on organic results. So, if you're focused on providing the right and value-building answers, Google will reward you by ranking you high in their organic results.

So, what can you do to get started?

1. Get your target keywords right: Make your target keywords as precise as possible. Get into the mind of your target audience and identify how they would search for you, and that will be the right target keyword.

2. On-page optimization:  All activities you can do on a webpage to improve its search ranking fall under on-page optimization. It includes better content, improved design, high-quality links and technical optimization.

3. Work on content: Have a blog. Add more relevant and engaging content. 

4. Get high-quality links: Links will always be an integral part of a webpage. Focus on getting the right high quality links linking back to your website and see your search ranking soar.

Published: Sep 2,2019 11:30:00 AM IST