Top 12 SEO Trends That You Need To Know In 2021


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Every year, Google makes a numerable change to its search algorithms that affect the search rankings of a website. Here are some of the SEO trends that you should watch out for in 2021, to ensure top positions on Google SERP. Follow these top 12 SEO trends to ensure your page ranks on Google Page No.1

1. Voice search is here to stay

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular among the mobile users. According to ComScore, 50% of all searches would be voice searches. The queries are long, very specific and local. Therefore, optimize your website for voice queries for local SEO.

2. Implement BERT

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) is used to create question answering systems where conversational queries use prepositions like “to, for etc to give clarity to the matter asked.” The SEOs who apply BERT are more likely to increase their chances of ranking in the featured snippets of the Google SERP.

3. Featured snippets plays a vital role

A summary that Google displays on top of the page above the paid as well as organic ads is known as featured snippets. Optimize your website to offer question-based search queries that give insight for an in-depth answer.

4. Leveraging influencers

Buyers are overwhelmed by the paid advertisements run by companies. They look for authentic information about a product they wish to purchase. The information sought after is nothing but lucid reviews by influencers. Partnering with influencers who already have a target audience, brings traffic to your website.

5. Page load speed matters

The digital experience of the customers plays a vital role in the website ranking. If the user interface is complex or the webpage does not load quickly, then having great content would be of no use.

6. Entity Engagement & Entity Popularity

As per the study by Tidings, engagement will play an important role for local SEO. Entity engagement is a metric defined by Google, which is determined by whether people like your business, positive reviews, location search and so on. The entity popularity is determined by the number of brands that mention your entity in their social media pages.

7. High-quality and optimized content matters

Content is the king as always, and it is everything in SEO. Right from the structure of a website to internal linking strategies and the types of links that are built, is affected by the quality and optimization of the content. Another noteworthy point is, integrating high-quality relevant images along with the content makes Google happy.

8. Length of the content determines the search rankings

Contemporary researches reveal that if the length of the content is at least 2000 words, the probability of the content ranking in the top 10 results is more. However, the content must have the answers to the potential queries the users are seeking. The in-depth, informative and relevant content that is engaging is said to improve the traffic of the site.

9. Topic modelling and semantics are gaining importance

Though the long-tailed keywords are still in use and may probably stay for a little longer, Google is putting a lot of emphasis on topic modeling and semantics. That is, Google can understand what a user is searching for with just a few basic words. This is because of the topic modeling algorithm that Google introduced in 2018. This algorithm understands the semantics and provides the users with an in-depth treasure trove of information.

10. Informative videos are crucial

As per Forrester Research, Google searches videos. Creating short and crisp informative videos along with optimized web content will help increase the traffic to the website. Always keep in mind, Google loves videos. According to wyzowl, 83% of business houses believe that an engaging video content gives a good ROI.

11. Mobile search is the new normal

In July 2019, Google commenced the mobile-first indexing. Hence, it is important to have a website that is optimized to view on a mobile. Research shows that 40% of the transactions happen on mobile. Therefore, while strategizing SEO tactics, keep in mind the mobile internet users too.

12. Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO

Google’s algorithm update RankBrain plays an important role to process the query, identify the relevancy and deliver results. This help’s users to find more relevant and accurate results.

How do you optimize your SEO for RankBrain?

There is no clear definition but from practice we understand that Clickthrough rate and user engagement on the website are critical factors.

There is more to SEO than meets the eye. Having a holistic approach to the SEO process will help. Therefore, have a well-designed SEO plan for both online as well as offline marketing strategies to ensure that your website ranks in the Google SERP.

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