How we work

Our three-step approach to get the right prospects


We study your prospect persona and pinpoint your targets with our AI-powered tool. We then connect with them via LinkedIn, email and calls.


We reach out and keep the conversation going. Giving them just enough information about you, we elicit curiosity in your service.


By sharing insights that they'd consider as valuable, we get them to sign up for your services.

Our super smart AI tool

Our revolutionary AI-powered tool collects insights on users’ online activity patterns to generate a list of leads. All leads are filtered based on the target criteria and the tool identifies those that fit best. It tells you when the leads are active, so you know when to connect. It defines their requirements, so you know the perfect offering you need to sell to seal the deal.

With the tool, you're connected to the right people at the right time with the right message.

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Our Lead Generation Process

  • Understand your requirement

    Our team gets into discussions with your team to understand your target group and criteria.

  • Create a prospect persona

    Once we’ve understood the target group, we create a prospect persona with traits that define your ideal customer.

  • Identify your leads

    Our business development team then identifies leads that match the defined prospect criteria.

  • Connect with the leads

    Our sales development experts then connect with them via LinkedIn or email to introduce your brand and service.

  • Engage with the leads

    We regularly keep your leads posted with articles and collateral on your service and evoke curiosity.

  • Convert into qualified leads

    Once we receive a positive response, we put the qualified lead in touch with your sales team.

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How SalesXT brings those leads home

Our range of services leave no room for missed leads

Grow Business Increase in lead generation
  • Database Research and Optimization
  • CRM Implementation
  • Management and Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Email Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Cold Calling

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