Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses


Sereen J Thottan

SEO & Social Media

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool that allows a business to form an authentic communication between its brand and customers, find new prospects and take a business to the next level. Surveys and studies reveal that 99% of people check their email daily, which makes email marketing campaigns one of the easiest ways to reach out to the targeted audience irrespective of whether one is a B2B or B2C marketeer.

The following pointers show why every business should put together a strong email marketing strategy to reach out to their audiences and take their enterprise to the next level.

   1.Send personalized content to targeted audience

Email marketing makes it possible to communicate directly with the customers by sending valuable content/messages that resonate with the targeted group of customers. This form of marketing allows a business to create unique experiences for its email subscribers. If someone has made a purchase and his/her email address has been shared , an email can be sent asking for a review or to recommend a product that compliments their previous purchase.

   2. Building credibility

Create a permission-based email list with a checkbox for users to opt-in for the mailing list. This ensures that customers are aware of what they are signing up for. When a business sends tailor-made content to its readers, keeping in mind the interests and requirements of the audience, it helps build credibility.

    3. Enhancing brand awareness

Email marketing is an amazing way to create brand identity as it gives a business a channel to communicate directly with its old/new customers or potential customers. When a business communicates regularly with its audience, they become aware of the brand and what it stands for. The personalized content as well as the information about the company helps establish a valuable relationship between the customers and the company while increasing brand awareness.

   4. Drip email marketing campaigns made possible

Drip emails are sent to a consumer over a period of weeks or months to nurture them. These emails help set up drip marketing campaigns where the email communication can be used to help a consumer make a decision and thus convert a lead into a buyer.

   5. Boost sales

Direct Marketing Association reports that 66% of consumers make a purchase online mainly because of email marketing campaigns. A well-written email marketing content gives a great opportunity to entice a customer to make a purchase. A good email content can feature products that are often bought alongside the products a customer purchased previously, products similar to the customer’s previous purchases, a special discount on future purchases etc.

   6. Drive traffic to a website

When the emails are personalized it invokes interest in the customers to click on the relevant links that lead to the concerned company’s website. Email campaigns allow the customers to read the other pieces of content available on the website/blog. The businesses should also include social sharing buttons in the emails so the customers can share the content across their social channels.

   7. Lead nurturing becomes easier

When timely emails are sent out to the prospective buyers and old customers, it helps nurture leads and enhance conversion rates. This in turn helps to further qualify leads before sending it to the sales team. Lead nurturing is made simpler if lead scoring has been implemented to keep track of whether the emails have been opened or the links embedded in it have been clicked.

   8. Metrics to show what works

The open rate of an email depends on how well the “From name” and “Subject” line resonates with the customers. Customers who are well aware of the concerned brand would want to hear from the company and this means they would open the email eagerly at any time of the day. A good open rate is measured by the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) that gives an approximate number about how many customers took time to read through the entire email. The next step is to convert these customers into leads through call-to-action emails.

   9. Email marketing helps establish authority

Customers sign up for the marketing newsletters because they wish to hear from that particular brand. An informative piece of email content along with embedded links will help to establish the business as the ultimate authority in the eyes of the customers. Curating personalized and informative email content is considered as the most valuable marketing tool that helps establish authority in the concerned area.

   10. Cost-effective marketing tool

Unlike the traditional marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns are not only cost-effective but will reach the customers in time. Those businesses with budget constraints will benefit from email marketing if the content is strategized to attract prospects and retain the old buyers.

Email marketing is here to stay. Studies show that 73 percent of the millennials prefer email communication while more than 50 percent of the marketeers believe emails to be their biggest source of Return of Investment (ROI). Contact us to schedule a consultation with our digital marketing expert.

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