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Danny Sullivan of Google says that ranking of content on Google is directly related to the quality of content. What this means this that you need to deliver more credible and authentic content for Google’s crawlers to scan and discover your content and get it to rank high in its searches.

So, to create more relevant and reliable content, business owners need to look at the Quality Raters Guidelines brought out by Google. The document was written for the human rating team at Google. This is the team that constantly evaluates multiple websites to identify if relevant and quality results are presented during a search. This process is also a way to evaluate the effectiveness of Google’s ranking algorithm.
In other words, a fair understanding of the guidelines would give business owners an understanding of the strategies they need to adopt in order to rank high in search results.

In the guideline, Google speaks at length about how E-A-T, which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, is one of the integral parameters to high-ranking content.
Creating E-A-T- oriented content would not only establish you as a leader in your domain, it’d also significantly improve the likelihood of getting your content ranked high on search results.

Let us take a look at the ways in which you can begin doing it the right away.

Include relevant author information

According to the guideline, it is critical to understand which person is responsible for a website.
In general, all Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages should have authoritative and trust experts related to a particular topic. At the same time, pages such as product pages and landing pages should have contact information and customer support options clearly shown.
Blog posts must mention information related to the author in order to assess whether the author is an expert at the topic under discussion.

Invest in personal branding

In case you are looking for a quality score for your websites, it is quite important to have a positive personal brand.
For instance, in case the content creators that you have hired are known to deliver wrong facts or misinformation, it could hurt your chances of getting ranked well.
On the other hand, in case you do not have a personal brand reputation, you will not really get hurt. Technically, however, those authors who do have a positive reputation are likely to outperform you in this case.

Lose the low E-A-T content

Rater guidelines mention quite carefully that websites that have multiple authors should have their evaluation on the basis of the page by page.
It is important to note that if the E-A-T content on a single page is low, it will not have a direct impact on the E-A-T of the other pages. However, it can certainly impact the overall reputation of the website in a negative way.
Due to this reason, it is important to remove the low E-A-T pages and those with minimum traffic.

However, removing this content may have a harmful impact in the short term, resulting in you losing a spot in the search rankings. But, if you keep it as it is, you are in for a big reputation loss later.
So, in order to boost the E-A-T, the best course of action would be to rework or edit the page. The way you do this will totally depend on the page’s purpose. For instance, in case you have a YMYL page, you will need an expert author in your team.

1. Create Original Content

2. Give Author Byline

3. Increase Quality Backlinks

4. Invest in Personal Branding


6. Social Media

7. Scan Low EAT Articles


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