Drive More Traffic with Less Content with These Simple Steps


Ajish Prakash

Chief Executive Officer

Are you having a tough time increasing traffic on your website? Have you tried every suggestion you’ve come across on the internet or from other sources – to no avail. Are you worried that this could be because you do not have enough content on your blog?

Getting traffic on your blog with less content is not hard. Oftentimes, business owners think that their website needs to be full of content to attract more traffic. However, that’s not exactly necessary.

In this article, we share a number of simple ways through which you can gain traffic on your website with less content.

Optimize the content on your website

The first step is to optimize the content that is existing on your website, no matter how less it is. This is the baseline from which you need to start. In this regard, figure out what your current statistics are.
Then, keep on checking the statistics are often as possible. This will allow you to check your growth over time. Then, move ahead and improve your content marketing strategy.

A good content marketing strategy is extremely important. Many businesses are known to fail because they don’t have a good content marketing strategy in place.

Write More Compelling Blog Headlines

One of the major factors that influence conversion, is the headline. A headline should be as compelling as possible, as it will allow you to sell the content right away.

In order to increase the quality of your blog headlines, make sure that you are incorporating just the right keywords and that the keywords are of the right length.
Now, the trend is to make use of long-tail keywords in the headlines and titles. This is something that the search engine algorithms also seem to prefer.

Improve the quality of the content

When it comes to SEO, quality is key and not the quantity. So, make sure that the content that you have is of great quality. Quantity is not the prime concern here.

Make use of very compelling pictures

Current website and content trends include the use of high-quality pictures. Nowadays, you will rarely stumble across any content that does not have a picture. The prime reason for this is that pictures tend to hook the readers to the page.

Remember that a single picture can be worth a hundred thousand words, sometimes!

Do not forget to use Internal Linking

Internal linking involves the addition of links from one page of your website into another, where it fits. Hence, feel free to add links from one blog post on your website into another. However, refrain from doing so unnecessarily as it will reduce the quality of your content.

Share your content avidly on the right platforms

The right use of social media for sharing your content is the next big step. This will result in the highest amount of quick traffic to your website. Remember, that this is the secondary step whereas the quality of the content is your primary priority.

After all, even if people from social media end up landing on your website, they are not likely to stay in case your content is not compelling enough. And this could affect your rate of conversion adversely. The social media platforms where you can actively share your content include:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr

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