5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021


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What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves strategic methods of creating and distributing content across platforms to reach target audience. Provide readers with content of great value and relevant facts to ensure they revisit your website. Content marketing helps in the long-term to build a relationship with your potential clients. Hence ensure you follow read more about the 5 content marketing trends to watch in 2021. This article provides great insight into the things you need to do an the approach you need to take to provide the best content marketing service.

Think about your last Google query. Did you find something on the results page that caught your attention? Was the content on that page helpful? Also, were you led to the relevant next step?

If your answer is yes, the writer of that page has done a stellar job.

While creating content, it is essential that you are mindful of what the user expects from the content. You need to deliver just that in a way that can be easily comprehended. They should know what you are expecting them to do and tell them why they should do that action. In case your content is not engaging at all, or if it is too complicated, chances are that the readers will simply move from that page and look for answers elsewhere. People on the internet have very short attention spans and with the overwhelming number of answers and solutions available, only engaging content can ensure they go over your content and adapt your ideas.

In this article, we refer to some simple ways through which you can start creating quality content. In this article we discuss 5 content marketing trends to watch in 2021.

Things to do when writing great content for your readers.

Choosing a topic 

The first step is to choose a topic that you have to write about. In order to attract people to your business website, it is important to answer something that people are looking for.
Hence, choose your particular topic accordingly.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your audience probably looking for?
  • What does your audience want to know?
  • What resonates well with them?

Do keyword research

keyword research

Keywords are the phrases and words that people type in search engines. These are the primary topics that users are looking for. So, ask yourself the keywords that your readers are using.
Some keyword research might be necessary in this case. Do remember that these keywords must be associated with your particular industry, and should be used very often by your targeted audience.
Now, optimize the blog posts without stuffing in too many keywords. Rather, include one or two major keywords organically rather than stuffing them in. This is because search engines do not really rank content that is stuffed with keywords.

Using long-tail keywords

longtail keyword

A good rule is to focus on just one long-tail keyword for every post. A long-tail keyword refers to the search phrase that contains more than three or three words. The phrase itself often has a head term, which has a length of one or two words.

These keywords focus the entire content on the specific needs of your target audience. As a result of this, they increase their quality and makes the page rank better.

Make a working title out of the long-tail keyword

working title


The title is often the very first thing that readers read before committing themselves to the remaining content. Hence, the title needs should be able to catch the reader’s attention. So, make sure that your title is very specific, and not too broad – beating about the bush – as it will hurt your content’s quality.

In comparison to general titles, specific titles that include long-tail keywords are considered far more effective.

Here are the 5 content marketing trends to watch in 2021

Personalized content

A report from Forrester indicates that 92% of marketers have seen an increase in personalized marketing. Personalization is key as the customer is more tech savvy and is looking for what’s relevant to him. The buying decision is hugely influenced by the right content available at the right time. Ensure you keep user intent in mind while generating content. Personalization is so heavily dependent on data, so ensure you have all your facts before you write that email campaign or promotion content.

Voice Search Will Define How Content Sounds

65% of consumers ages 25-49 years old talk to their voice-enabled devices daily (PwC). Now that’s a major chunk of your buyer or people with purchase power. A HubSpot survey found that 74% of respondents had used voice search within the last month (HubSpot). This is a clear indicator that early adopters have an edge. Don’t go short on this one because the stats clearly show that your user on mobile device is engaging in voice search.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer, Online, Marketing, Internet


What is influencer marketing? It is more or less a type of social media marketing that uses influencers to endorse products or services by the brand. The reach is phenomenal. So when you leverage well-known figures to reach out to their followers the impact is long lasting and the turnaround time for people to make purchase decisions is shorter.

Live Videos

Go live with videos and webinars. The conversions through webinars and video interactions are phenomenal. Make use of webinars to connect with potential clients or people who want to present their product/ service to a larger audience. The impact video has on a personal level and recall is higher than static content. Hence it is a good platform to communicate to the your target audience.

Visual Search

Visual search can take the user experience to a totally new level: People can upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results.


Image Source- Google

Take for example Pinterest Lens. Pinterest is one of the early adopters of visual search. They have Lens, a visual search tool that let you take a phot of the item you want to search online and in the process buy the same. You can search for similar products in different pinboards and also get related items. This is so user friendly and so many products are using the platform extensively.


Image Source- Google


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