Lead Generation
Google Adwords

The Client

Our client was a new entrant in the private healthcare sector, providing In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment to people from all walks of life and helping them realize their dream of parenthood. They have a panel of great doctors with a proven track record of successful treatments.

The Challenge

Several other well-known clinics with renowned doctors and impressive success rates were more popular among patients who were seeking solutions for their infertility problems.. The location of the clinic was also a challenge since they were not centrally located.

The Objective

The main objective of client was to generate brand awareness and also to drive walk-ins to their clinic.

The Strategy

People are far more likely to click ads that are highly relevant to their search language, location, and area of interest. As a first step, we analysed the existing campaigns of our client and restricted them on the basis of location. We also split the ad-groups into granular themes and created more relevant ad copies with prominent call-to-action, that matched with the user search queries/ keywords. This helped in improving the quality score and resulted in better CTR. Several other optimization measures including pausing non-converting keywords, bidding down inefficient keywords and implementing negative keywords improved the campaign performance.

These efforts were followed by remarketing tactics wherein engaging and persuasive display ads were targeted at their website visitors

The Results

The tailor-made campaign targeting ensured

Increase of


in conversions

Reduction of


in Cost per acquisition.

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