What Is Off-Page SEO? | Top 5 Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2021


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What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO (also called “off-site SEO”) is the list of techniques taken outside your website to improve its ranking within search engine results pages (SERPs) .

Right from strategies like link building, which is often confused for being the only off-page optimization technique, to an influencer in your niche retweeting a link to a blog post on your website, they all are a form of off-page optimization.

Why You Need Off-Page SEO

It is extremely difficult to rank for competitive search keywords.

Off-page SEO techniques help to establish your website’s authority amongst competitors. We have always seen that website’s with the best authority score have better chances of ranking on Google search results.

Hence off-page SEO techniques are your chance of establishing authority against competitors and also ensuring that your website ranks on the first page for competitive keywords.

So, why is off-page optimization essential to rank better in searches?

Put simply, optimizing areas related to your website but are outside of your website can help your page get more visibility, i.e. a higher ranking in the SERP.

Search engines are constantly trying to give searchers the best results for their searches. Therefore, search engines consider off-page SEO factors to decide if a certain page should rank high for a particular search and where it should rank.

Let’s look at an example.

When someone is browsing for some information, they’d mostly look at the first couple of results in the organic results.

Sometimes, they go even further and look at the remaining results on that page. In the latter part of the page, they find a result more suited to what they were looking for.

So, why did that result not rank first?

Given that the result gave the best answer among all the results, shouldn’t it have ranked first? The reason, most likely, is off-page optimization. Curators of the first results were smart about off-page SEO and what it meant for their rankings.

So, what off-page SEO techniques can you work on?

1. Backlinks


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“Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO.”

Without them, it is almost impossible to get a high rank in searches.

Search engines consider websites with more quality backlinks as an indication of high-value and quality content. So, they tend to high-quality backlink websites better when compared with a similar site with a lesser number of backlinks.

In short, search engines trust your website more if your site has authoritative and more relevant backlinks.

Some of the factors search engines consider while ranking

1. How many domains are linking to your website?

2. The number of links from high page ranking websites.

3. The number of “dofollow” links

4. Providing links within content that have more context

So, it boils down to this. Search engines value your website more highly if it appears more valuable than others with more authoritative backlinks.

So how do I get more authoritative links to my website?

There are a whole lot of methods that you can try. Here are some of them.

1. One of the things that you can do is guest blogging

2. You can also find those broken links within your website and fix them

3. Create awesome visual content – like infographics – that people would love to share

2. Social media 

Social Media

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Social is the new SEO. It helps you interact with your target audience and engage more with them.

This will help you understand where your target audience is and the solutions they’re looking for.

Today, search habits have changed and users no longer rely on results available on search engines alone. They also browse through social media to know more about solution providers.

Businesses can leverage this activity to their benefit by posting their content on social media and linking it back to their website.

So, it goes without saying that a strong presence in social media channels can optimize your website during searches.

3. Stay away from black hat SEO practices

Black hat seo


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Though link building is an effective way to improve search rankings, the sad part is spammers use it to manipulate search engine algorithms. This is what is generally known as black hat SEO.

How to steer clear of such practices?

By performing a full back-link analysis of your website, you will be able to identify the good links and the bad ones as well.

1. Audit your website: You can use tools by SEMrush, Ahrefs. Woorank, Raventools, Moz, and others for identifying and fixing SEO-related issues on your website. These audits will help you identify all the reasons why your website is not ranking on Google so you can get started with fixing them.

2. Great content always works: Create content that’s valuable for your users. Base your content on helping your audience with solutions. Top-up your content with visuals, data, and infographics and see how well you do after.

3. User different keyword phrases: Once you’ve completed backlink analysis, focus on using different keyword phrases so that search engines consider your content as natural. What this means is your links should not have exact matching keywords in the anchor text.

4. Guest blogging

Guest blogging

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Guest blogging is very common in SEO spheres. When you contribute content to other websites, you build authority, bring in traffic and ultimately build links.

However, don’t go overboard by linking too many times to your website. Provide awesome content and focus on building your presence naturally.

5. And finally, directories and forums 

Publish your content in directories and forums to gain more visibility.

1. Leverage social bookmarking sites.

2. Participate in forum discussions

3. Submit content to blog and article directories

4. Have a presence in Q&A websites

Apply these techniques and see how your page rankings show significant improvement.

To conclude

Underestimating the importance of off-page SEO is like you don’t want your website to perform well in search rankings. It not only adversely affects your website optimization strategies but your search engine rankings as well.

Therefore, to build an effective website that ranks high, start working on your off-page SEO strategy along with your on-page strategy. BrandXT has the best SEO experts who have proven SEO strategies that will bring great ROI for your business. Contact us today!


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