Great UI with amazing UX is what applications need right now!


Susan Margret Correya

Senior Technical Writer

A lot has been discussed about what UI and UX is, the difference they make in design and how these two concepts are the cornerstones of great design.

Design is about solving problems. In the digital world, much has been discussed on how these concepts shape experiences and how it changes the fate of services and products alike.

UI refers to the layout, colors and elements used to design an app or a product, while UX refers to how usable the app or product is.

How they come to play is an interesting bit.

UI design decides what applications need to look like. The only concern of a UI designer would be the aesthetic appeal of the product. Whether it is visually appealing, looks attractive and matches the purpose of the application.

Whereas, UX is about how easy or difficult it is to interact with design elements put in by the designer. Their main concern is how the user interface operates. UX designers work to give the product’s user a seamless and smooth experience with the product.

Working together

Let’s say you’re creating an app.

The UI designer will decide how the interface looks and the UX designer will decide how the interface works. This collaboration can be effective only if the two teams work together to create a natural flow for the tasks on the application.

As the UI designer decides on the buttons to go on a certain page, the UX designer will decide where the buttons should be placed so that the experience navigating through the tasks is seamless.

It is the flawless execution of both UI and UX to meet pre-existing user expectations that create a great interface and experience. When the two work together, magic is created.


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